Baffle seals Profile T4 is a full metal seal. It is generally made from 1.4571 steel for the lamellae supports and for the lamellas themselves. Other materials available on request. The baffle seal plays an important role in effectively sealing the gap between the longitudinal baffle and the heat exchanger shell in high-performance heat exchangers. In particular, where there are small differences in temperature, even low short-circuit currents can cause a significant loss of function. This can largely be avoided by using the baffle seal T4. The T4 seal is easily assembled directly onto the longitudinal baffle. No screws are needed to hold the seals in place. When using Baffle seals T4 the drilling of holes and screwing-up work is not required. The lamellae of baffle seal T4 and the lamellae holder are joined together by spot-welding, thus forming one unit that can be supplied in any required length. However, in order to avoid transportation difficulties, the length should not exceed 6 m. Specified dimensions are supplied exact to the millimetre and avoid the difficult crosscutting of the thin lamellae during assembly of the heat exchanger.

Part 1) lamellae holder

Part 2) package of lamellae

Part 3) longitudinal baffle

part 4) heat-exchanger shell

part 5) transverse baffle

Part 1. can be supplied in any required length.

Style „A“:

For this finish a lamellae holder with recesses is necessary. The recesses for the transverse baffles must be ground out into the lamella holder during assembling. They should not be ground out deeper than necessary for taking up the transverse baffles

Style „B“:

When a larger number of transverse baffles has to be installed, it is more convenient to have a continuous baffle seal T4, without recesses. The necessary openings should then be cut into the transverse baffles. In this case the first section of the lamella holder – the one at the far end – can be fixed to the longitudinal baffle using a screw or a slotted pin to ensure that the baffle seal will be withdrawn together with the tube bundle. With arrangement “A“ this is not necessary. Baffle seal T4 is not absolutely leak proof especially for gases. However, the results obtained by this simple method are far better than those obtained previously. Two sizes of lamellae widths are available. The lamellae width is 30 mm for the holder T4.30 and 20 mm for the holder T4.20. The holders are available for thicknesses from 4 mm up to 25 mm of the longitudinal baffle.