Klinger has a comprehensive range of compression packing’s which are suitable for centrifugal or reciprocating pumps and valves. Klinger’s range includes patented specialised compression packing and concepts which assist our customers to meet, and in most cases exceed the stringent fugitive emission targets set by various environmental bodies such as the EPA and customers themselves. Klinger’s large braiding facilities produce packing in square, round or rectangular profiles, with or without specialised cores in various materials such as rubber and steel. Certain grades of materials can be produced in sections up to 130mm square.

Klinger styles of braiding are Klingerlock, Plaited, Braid over Braid and Braid over core.

Klinger are also the sole appointed distributor for the Asia Pacific region for the SealRyt Corporation of the USA and for Robco Inc of Canada for Australia and New Zealand as well as certain designated Asian countries.

Klinger are able to provide:

  • A reliable and effective range of compression packing’s that have universal application throughout industry.
  • Utilising the most modern production techniques and materials.
  • To give the user predictable life expectancy.
  • Provide a complete range of packing to replace traditional products.
  • To aid in the correct selection of the most appropriate packing for any given application.
  • To provide the user with the full technical support from full installation documentation through chemical compatibility and past application success.
  • To reduce inventory and stock holding costs through product rationalisation.
  • A full range of packing extractors with replaceable tips is also available.

Note: Packing’s should not be subjected to the maximums of temperature, pressure and speed simultaneously. For further advice contact Klinger.

For further advice contact Klinger / PT Loka Manggala at