Graphite Laminates

Klinger flexible graphite materials are universal sealing products consisting of pure carbon in which the crystalline structure has been considerably expanded through a special chemical and thermal procedure. Can also be supplied with reinforcing materials to increase the tensile strength, load-bearing capacity and improve handling characteristics.

Klinger Loka Manggala

Klinger PSM

Pure exfoliated graphite with a tanged stainless steel sheet reinforcement. Available in the unique AS (anti stick) or G configuration. A tanged steel insert is included for improved blow out resistance and ease of handling. Due to the excellent chemical and thermal capabilities of graphite it is used extensively throughout the petrochemical and chemical industries for process duties and steam applications. Fire safe certified API 6FB.

Klinger Loka Manggala

Klinger SLS

Pure exfoliated graphite with a stainless steel foil reinforcement. Available in the unique AS (anti stick) or G configuration. The steel foil gives improved handling and load-bearing characteristics. The excellent conformability of graphite means that the material is suitable for applications where bolt load is limited or flanges are damaged. It is ideal for use in the Pulp and Paper, Chemical and Steam industries.

PSM Eyelet Gasket

Tanged graphite combined with metal eyelet combines the advantages of PSM with a metallic eyelet at the gasket’s inner diameter providing provides a high resistance to graphite extrusion, preventing contamination of the line, road chemical resistance, and low emission seal.

Klinger Loka Manggala

Klinger Maxigraph 104G

Manufactured from corrugated metallic rings with a lamination of graphite on both sides, thus giving an initial soft seal gasket enabling an effective seal to be obtained at low initial stress levels. A universal gasket for a range of applications but are particularly suited to applications involving narrow flanges or where bolt loads are low. Due to the sealing characteristics of faced corrugated gaskets they are an excellent substitute for CNAF gaskets or for corrugated gaskets with non asbestos cord rope layers.

Klinger Loka Manggala

Klinger 108

A rigid laminated gasket consisting of graphite layers bonded to each face of a solid steel core. Was initially designed to provide a high performance, low seating stress gasket replacement to the traditional metal jacketed and compressed asbestos fibre type gaskets utilized on heat exchanger applications.