K-Disc® Pig

Knapp’s patented single-piece, bi-directional scraping pipeline pig.  The K-Disc is unmatched for paraffin scraping ability.

Accept no substitutes

To insure unparalleled quality, the patented and proven K-Disc is manufactured exclusively by Knapp Polly Pig in Houston, Texas, USA and Monterrey, Mexico.

All-urethane, single-piece construction

The Knapp K-Disc Pig has no metal parts which could damage the pipewall or costly pipeline ancillary equipment like pumps and compressors. The solid, one-piece polyurethane elastomer construction prevents the pig from coming apart
in the line.

Performance oriented discs

Tough line-sized scraping discs located at each end of the pig remove stubborn deposits while the over-sized central discs provide the flexible seal necessary to propel the K-Disc through the pipeline.


The K-Disc’s patented design allows the pig to seal and scrape equally regardless of the direction it is moving in the pipeline.

Designed for on-stream maintenance

The K-Disc pig was designed to be used as an on-stream maintenance tool capable of being propelled by the produced media whether it is a gas or a liquid.

Available in Ultrathane®

The K-Disc pig is available in many different formulations of Ultrathane, Knapp’s exclusive Ultra Performance Urethane, which are fine-tuned for the job requirements. Ultrathane’s superior elastomeric physicals characteristics in tear and tensile strength provide the ultimate in long wear and scraping ability. Contact the factory for specific Ultrathane formulation recommendations suited for your line.