Solid cast urethane combination cup and disc scraping pipeline pig.

Ultra-Cast® Pig

The ideal combination of scraping and sealing capabilities in one tough, long-lasting pipeline cleaner.

One-piece design

The Knapp Ultra-Cast Pig is a one-piece design with a sealing cup at the front and rear of the pig and two scraping discs between them.

Seals like a cup pig

A cup shape is the most effective design to allow a pig to run long distances yet maintain a good drive seal.

Scrapes like a disc pig

A disc shape is the most effective design to scrape foreign materials off pipe walls. Ultra-Cast discs are thicker at their base to keep the edge of the discs from bending too much.

Ultra-Cast® Options

The Knapp Ultra-Cast pipeline pig is available with circular, wrap-around steel brushes and various tracking options.

Available in Ultrathane®

Knapp’s Ultrathane is a premium grade polyurethane elastomer custom formulated for specific job requirements.