Knapp’s patented Ultra-Seal Pig is designed for demanding applications where only minimal product by-pass can be tolerated, the Ultra-Seal delivers as promised with the lowest measurable by-pass in the pigging industry. The Ultra-Seal Pig is available in numerous configurations to meet specific pipeline conditions.


Knapp’s Ultra-Seal Lite Pig is designed for pipeline cleaning and batching applications where positive scraping and sealing qualities are required but where no aggressive elements such as wire scraping brushes or abrasive coatings can be tolerated. The Ultra-Seal Lite is a one-piece urethane foam pig that us reinforced with integral urethane elastomer end discs and center post. The end discs are typically 1% – to – 3% larger than the pipe’s inside diameter and are available in hardnesses ranging from 50 Shore A to 95 Shore A Durometer. Depending upon application requirements, the foam body is available in desities from 2 lb/ft³ to 10 lb/ft³; the foam body is larger than the elastomer end discs to increase the sealing ability of the pig.


Knapp’s Hand-Launch Pig is an easy to use, one size fits all pipe of its’ diameter – a 6″ Hand-Launch Pig can be inserted, by hand, into all 6″ pipe, from Class 50 Ductile Iron Pipe to 6″ Schedule 160 Steel Pipe.


Knapp’s Foam Disc Pig offers the pipeline operator a pig with the scraping ability of a disc pig and the flexibility of a foam pig. The Foam Disc’s multiple scraping surfaces provide superior wiping power in a pig that can be inserted into the system without the necessity of an expensive launcher. As with all Knapp pigs, the Foam Disc Pig is available in a variety of foam densities and coatings.


Urethane Foam Sphere Pigs

Based on an exclusive, proprietary urethane foam system developed by Knapp, our complete line of urethane foam-bodied spheres are the toughest in the industry.

Wire Brush Sphere Pigs

By design a sphere has only a small amount of its’ surface in contact; great for flexibility, but not good for cleaning.  For the operator that needs cleaning as well, Knapp’s foam-bodied steel wire brush spheres are the answer.

Inflatable Sphere Pigs

Available in five different formulations, Knapp’s inflatable urethane spheres are manufactured with the highest quality urethane elastomer systems to give the operator peak performance and reliability.

Polly Sphere Pigs

Knapp’s patented urethane foam-core Polly Cast Spheres offer long life plus flexibility. Unlike inflatable spheres, these spheres won’t blow-out or deflate in the line.

Custom Sphere Pigs

Knapp is internationally known for its’ innovative, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind spheres and pigs for unusual and line-specific applications.


Knapp designs and builds pipeline pigs to suit specific applications from severe multi-dimnensional pipe size changes to passing through unusual fitting configurations. Contact Knapp to discuss your particular pipeline pigging requirement.