HS Series

Submersible pump designed for water, wastewater and light slurry pumping. Residential, commercial, industrial & construction dewatering applications.

NK Series

Contractor pumps for high volume single phase dewatering applications.

OM Series

OM Series pump features a 304 Stainless Steel housing, oil-free motor, fiberglass reinforced plastic impeller, volute and top cover.

PN Series

Semi-vortex impeller handles solids; ideal for chemical spill containment.  Medium head / high volume pump.

PSF Series

Enclosed, multi-vane impeller, high head  / high volume pump

SFQ Series

All wetted components are 316 Stainless Steel; SFQ Series pumps are rust free and corrosive resistant.

TM Series

Titanium construction, semi-vortex solids handling impeller.  Ideal for saltwater and chemical applications.

UZ Series

Vortex impeller and wide interior pump casing to handle suspended solids