Layout of the platform

Each of the platform corners is designed to carry a support column so each platform can be fitted with up to 4 loading arms.

The platform sides are built to carry the folding stairs and an access ladder. Bottom loaders can be fitted to the main support column for ground level operation.

Platform construction

A rigid, robust platform is essential for correct loading arm operation. 

This is achieved with a heavy-wall main support column including base and head plates, and a welded steel profile platform construction.

All platforms are constructed according EN 1090-2, exection class 2.

Galvanization according EN-ISO 1461-2009


The dimensions of the loading station are based on years of practical experience.

Standard dimensions of a platform are a workfloor of 1600 x 1600 mm on a support column of 3400 – 4000 mm high (depending on application)

Adjustments to comply with local or specific demands can be made on request.