Wiese Floating Roof Drain Systems offer a variant to flexible hoses and mechanical swivel joints. In fact we give the best for both; we have combined and integrated metal pipes to work with flexible hoses that act as “swivels”.


  • Piping Material could be Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel or Aluminium
  • Size range is 2” to 10”
  • Custom designed
  • Compatible with most products
  • Installed with all types of floating roof tanks
  • Suitable for 100% aromatic products
  • Self draining


  • Maintenance free due to the non-presence of O-rings, seals or bearings.
  • Minimal operation area required
  • Zero leakage
  • Residue cannot be trapped as they are continuously sloped
  • No corrosion. No lubrication
  • Light weight
  • Spare parts easily available and replaceable