Klinger are able to offer a  comprehensive range of high temperature gaskets, packing and insulating materials specifically engineered for the Alumina metal smelting industries through our in house manufacturing capabilities as well as through our exclusive distribution agreement with Robco Inc of Canada.

Crucible Lid Seal 


Style 290 HTVS Lid Seal


Crucible lid seals are not always completely effective.

  • They get compacted very quickly causing metal to metal contact
  • They sometimes do not maintain vacuum
  • Aluminium sticks and unravels the seal
  • They have a short service life
  • They melt in direct contact with molten aluminium
  • They are chemically attacked by the “bath” solution.

We have the solution for you.

Benefits: Continuous to 750°C. Thermal resistance coated to 1050°C, (Designated 290 HTVS)
Aluminium does not adhere to seal Good seal ability with No Shrinkage, Unaffected by molten metal Resilient plus Excellent Abrasion Resistance

Why is our Crucible Lid Seal your best solution?

  • Inconel wire reinforcement available to provide tear and abrasion resistance.
  • Coating improves seal ability and prevents sticking
  • Unaffected by molten aluminium.
  • Chemically treated glass has improved thermal & shrinkage resistance over regular glass fibre.
  • Available high temperature polymer core provides resilience to the assembly. 


Economical:1600 Lid Seal


Special braiding method provides extended life over standard braided glass seals. High density braid to prevent overcompressing. Mineral treatment to prevent sticking. Class III IARC: All materials are safe and free of asbestos or refractory ceramic fibres Temperature 500°C.

 Style 1500GSC

“E” glass fiber yarn braided over a silicon core and finished with red silicon rubber.
Construction: Braid over braid. (2+jackets)
Service: Static door or pot lid seals Temperature 400°C.

Sealing Cathodes and Collector bars

style 280


Braided from high-temperature yarns and treated with a high-temperature coating, this seal will resist molten cast iron at 1600°C until it solidifies.
Safe and bio-soluble. Specific density to provide a good seal, yet pliable enough to immediately conform to the collector bar· Will not fray.

Silica Fibre Seals


Style 552 Silica fibre braided high temperature insulation rope and packing

  • Withstands up to1260°C continuous temperature!
  • More effective than Ceramic & Glass Rope !
  • High grade silica fibre resists elevated temperature for longer duration without any thermal degradation
  • Good resistance to acids.
  • Practically unaffected by direct flame, hot blast, molten metal, welding sparks & flux
  • Zero Loss on Ignition
  • Saves energy loss, reduces downtimes
  • Available in Square as well as Round cross sections in braided or twisted form.. Various densities available.
  • Also available with a graphite coating referenced Style 552G.
    Boiler Doors, Expansion Joints, Coke Ovens, Kiln Cars, Blast Furnaces, Pipe Wrapping, Lagging, etc

Furnace, Electrode and Kiln Seals


Our large seals for furnaces, electrodes and kilns are available in a range of high temperature textiles such as Treated Glass, E Glass (plain or graphite coated), Ceramic, Aramid fibre and a combination of any of the above. They can also be wire reinforced for additional strength and wear resistance.
The seals can be manufactured to totally close off the entry or exit on a kiln by including a bellows type arrangement. Please consult our technical department for more information.
Sizes available up to 130 mm square in continuous lengths to suit the application.



Treo™ is the latest inorganic, high temperature, needled blanket alternative to ceramic fibre from Robco. With a 1000°C maximum temperature rating, this bio-soluble, vitreous silicate fibre mat can give you the thermal performance you require, without the health and safety concerns that come with other high temp insulations.
Along with its excellent thermal capabilities, its improved handling will enhance your fabrication and installation procedures, which will help lower overall labour costs.

Typical Applications
• Furnace lining
• Thermal insulation
• Acoustic insulation
• Fire protection
• Heat shields
• Turbine wrap

Start up Kits for Electrolysis cells with TREO ™


The two most common methods used in start-up production of electrolysis cells are:
• Electrical resistance
• Preheating with gas
With this in mind Robco and its partners have developed insulation kits with
Treo a patented blanket which can be installed rapidly and efficiently.

Tapping Crucible Gaskets


Tapping Crucible Gaskets


An affordable and functional way to seal siphon tubes

  • Maximum Temperature: 950°C
  • Colour: Brown
  • Requires minimal compressive load
  • High temperature resistance
  • 100% mineral: will not shrink or lose volume under heat, preventing loose gaskets
  • Class III IARC: All materials are safe and free of asbestos or refractory ceramic fibres
  • Easy to install: stiff enough to put in place, soft enough to adjust to all surfaces
  • Resists most acids and alkalis
  • Highly flexible and conformable

Silicone coated glass gaskets

Textured “E” Glass fabric coated with flame retardant white silicone fully cured coated on both sides. Two plies of fabric sandwiched between 3 layers of silicone.
An economical gasket material for siphon tubes.
Continuous: 260º C (coating)
Short Term: 360º C (coating)