STYLE 7413



Manufactured from 7 different textiles utilizing core to outside surface technology. Super dense.


Unique packing designed for use on heavy slurries, slow moving, large and small shaft applications being affected by eccentric shaft movement. An excellent packing for the pulp and paper industry. The rigors of many process industries such as Pulp and Paper, Fertilizer, Corn and Sugar Processing, Mining and Food, have recently become exacerbated with increased requirements of running without flush or purging and cooling, minimal if any adjustment, and zero leak. The height of difficulty is reached through large, low RPM equipment which often displays eccentric shaft movement. As no flush is allowed, the packing must also withstand the full force of aggressive chemicals, high percentage solids, often at elevated temperatures. Density, resilience, and dimensions are all important characteristics, and no packing displays these better than Style 7413. Resistance to “bunching” or “snaking” requires both high tensile strength as well as a high compressive strength final product. Also, heat conductivity must be continual while contact friction is minimized. And finally, maintenance personnel require removal in complete rings.

Service Capabilities:

Temperature Degree C


pH capability

1 – 14

Max rotary Pressure

*120 bar (*subject to speed. Consult Klinger)

Max static Pressure

345 bar

Max rotary Speed

6 m/sec

Max reciprocating pressure

241 bar

Max reciprocating speed

2 m/sec