ring type joint klinger

A number of ring joint styles are available designed for specific flange types:

  • NB1 11/16” to 21 1/4” Class Rating 5000 to 20000 ASME B16.20


  • The Style BX energised ring type joint is manufactured in accordance with API 6A for use in high pressures.
  • Style BX ring type joints incorporate a pressure passage hole to allow for pressure equalization each side of the sealing faces.
  • Style BX is not interchangeable with any other style, and is only suited for API 6BX flanges.

       Also available in style SBX.

Common Materials

Material Brinell Hardness Temperature limitations Identification
Soft iron 90 -60 to +400⁰C    D
Low carbon steel 120 -40 to +500⁰C   S
4%-6% Cr 1/2% Mo: F5 130 -125 to +500⁰C   F5
Stainless steel 304 /304L 160 -250 to +650⁰C   S304 or 304L
Stainless steel 316 /316L 160 -196 to +800⁰C    S316 or 316L
Stainless steel 321 160 -250 to +870⁰C    S321
Stainless steel 347 160 -250 to +870⁰C   S347
Stainless steel 410 170 -20 to +500⁰C    D9S410
Inconel 625 – 1000⁰C    625
Incoloy 825 – 1000⁰C    825
Hastelloy C-276 – 1000⁰C    C-276
Duplex – 800⁰C    S31803
Titanium – 540⁰C    TI

The sealing surfaces on the ring joint grooves must be smoothly finished to 63 Microinches and be free of objectionable ridges, tool or chatter marks.