Spiral Wound Gasket Loka Manggala

CR-RJ spiral wound gaskets are designed to be used as a maintenance replacement item for Ring Type Joints were the sealing surface in the groove of the flange, either Oval or Octagonal has been compromised.

These gaskets are available for NPS 1/2 to 24 and pressure classes 150 to 1500. Standard element thickness is 4.5mm and the outer ring thickness is 3.2mm.

These gaskets are also available in Style CRIR-RJ which are fitted with an inner ring 3.2mm thick. Please consult Klinger when requiring an inner ring as it must be determined that there is available space to accommodate its inclusion.

Klinger recommends CRIR-RJ gaskets for pressure classes 600 and above Clearance dimensions between flange faces should be checked on close coupling pipe work prior to installation to ensure that optimum compression can be achieved without over stressing bolts and or flanges.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the gasket is suitable for the application and that there is sufficient clearance between the flange bore and ring groove for proper seating of the gasket.