Ultra-Seal Lite Pig

Knapp’s patented Ultra-Seal Lite Pig is highly acclaimed for its’ sealing abilty in multi-dimensional pipelines.

Custom Built for Purpose

The Ultra-Seal Lite Pig is a hand-crafted, custom-built pig. The specific design and materials for each pig are determined by the configuration of the pipeline and operational requirements of the pig. Typically the Ultra-Seal Lite Pig is used for dewatering and fluid control in multi-dimensional pipelines.

One-Piece Construction

The Ultra-Seal Lite is a one-piece urethane foam pig that is reinforced with integral urethane elastomer end discs and center post.

Ultra-Seal Lite Options

Pig Tracking: Adapters: Ultra-Seal Lite Pigs are available with optional pig-tracking transmitter adapters to accommodate acoustic “pingers”, electromagnetic transmitters, high-strength magnets and nuclear tracking sources.
By-Pass Ports: Ports running the length of the body.
Handling straps: Nylon handling straps or ropes embedded in the body of the pig.