Ultra-Seal Pigs

Knapp’s patented Ultra-Seal Pig is the best sealing pig on the market.

Standard Ultra-Seal Pig

The standard Ultra-Seal Pig has flat, polyurethane elastomer discs on each end. This is the optimum design for dewatering, batching of dissimilar products, and for fluid removal in pipelines of all sizes and pipe materials.

Ultra-Seal Pig with EZ-Launch Nose

The Ultra-Seal Pig with EZ-Launch Nose is designed for use in pipelines with vertical launchers or changes in pipe diameter due to varying wall thicknesses

Ultra-Seal Options

Pig Tracking: Adapters: Ultra-Seal Pigs are available with optional pig-tracking transmitter adapters to accommodate acoustic “pingers”, electromagnetic transmitters, high-strength magnets and nuclear tracking sources.
By-Pass Ports: Ports running the length of the body.
Handling straps: Nylon handling straps or ropes embedded in the body of the pig.